Abrams Valuation Group, Inc. (AVGI) is often called upon to provide expert analysis of difficult-to-resolve valuation issues for litigation, tax planning, and business transactions. Whether the valuation is complex or straightforward, our clients find that our scientifically supported valuations command respect from the other party in a negotiation and from the IRS and other government agencies when taxation is the issue.


Jay Abrams wrote the following books: Quantitative Business Valuation and How To Value Your Business And Increase Its Potential

AVGI's unique qualifications stem from statistical valuation methodologies invented by the firm's pioneering founder, Jay B. Abrams. The theories, techniques, and empirical research in Mr. Abrams' book, Quantitative Business Valuation: A Mathematical Approach for Today's Professionals, are used by some of the country's largest valuation firms to support their valuations. AVGI combines its state-of-the-art expertise with an understanding of the needs of its clients and the special circumstances of their businesses and shareholdings.

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