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There is not much good to say about the current state of the Nevada real estate market, it's in bad shape and that is the result of the crash of the housing market, the lack of credit since that time and the unemployment that has resulted which made thing worse.

It is our opinion that the strength of the Las Vegas market will increase with improvements in the national economy (real improvement may not come until 2012 or later).

The demand for Las Vegas property in the future will have to do with a number of supply and demand factors.  The likely limitations that may be imposed on water resources, the increasing cost of development, the slowed ability or inability of potential customers to liquidate their real estate holdings in other states and the relative health of the economy.

For those buyers who can afford a retirement home or for those who can transition without having to deal with another mortgage, the Las Vegas housing market will continue to offer exceptional bargains.  Many areas have seen home price decreases by 60% or more.  We are entering a period where Nevada housing will once again become a bargain relaitve to housing in other areas.




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Who are the best real estate agents?
Are they the agents who do the best job of getting a propery sold?

There is a great deal of controversy in the real estate industry today over whether or not agents "earn" their commission, and a new round of discount brokerage firms have materialized to provide either limited, partial service or "full" service for what has been represented to the public to be a "lowered" or "discount" fee.

Since commission rates were never set by the industry, but have always been negotiated between the parties in a transaction, the pressure to provide lower fees has been with agents for years.  Premier firms have not lost large market share as markets have slowed, so it appears that the demand for agents who can perform is as strong as ever.  It appears obvious that many customers are willing to pay fora result, and discounts are not as compelling as once believed.                           

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